All pizzas cooked with mozzarella and homemade tomato sauce, using hand stretched pizza dough

10"     12"     

5.45    7.15   

7.15    8.60   

6.95    8.30  

7.15   8.60    

7.15    8.60    

7.80    8.80   

7.80    8.80   

6.95    8.30    

7.15    8.60   

7.15    8.60    


7.15    8.60    

7.15    8.60   

6.75    7.95    

7.50    8.75   

7.15    8.60    


7.15    8.60    

7.15    8.60    

7.80    8.60    


7.80    8.95   

7.80    8.95   



7.80   8.95   


Pepperoni, ham, chilli


Mushroom, red onion,olives, peppers 

Pizza dell' artista rosemary,

red onion chutney, peppers,

blue cheese, bresaola 

Dolce e Picante 

Chilli, pepperoni, pineapple, garlic 


Anchovies, olives, garlic, capers

Quattro Formaggi 

Blue cheese, parmesan, goats cheese


Goats cheese, onion, peppers  


Chicken, sweetcorn

Pizza di Parma 

Prosciutto, parmesan, rocket 

Pizza di Carne 

Chicken, pepperoni,ham, salami


Pepperoni, chicken, barbecue sauce


Salami, garlic


Ham, pineapple                                          

Calabria -  Pepperoni                                    


Mozzarella and tomato          2


Sun dried tomatoes,

peppers, parmesan, 


pepperoni, olives, mushroom,

peppers, anchovies, red onion

Pizza dell' Alpino

Bresaola, basil, parmesan


Pepperoni, chicken, peppers,

red onion chutney, garlic,

barbecue sauce


Choose any four ingredients

to have in your pizza calzone

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Choose any four ingredients

Extra Toppings                                  1.00

Please note we no longer do 14" pizzas to order

However if you are having a party or just fancy a large pizza, they are still available by pre-order the day before 

​Allergens used in our kitchen include egg, gluten, milk, seafood, celery, sulphites, mustard and soya. These may change depending on specials.  No nuts are used in any of our recipes and they aren't present in our kitchen. Please inform a member of staff if you have any allergies so we can advise you accordingly. Whilst we have extremely strict hygiene and high standards of practice, it is not possible to guarantee against cross contamination.