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"Authentic and fresh Italian cuisine, cooked to
order, delivered straight to your door"

Call us - 01457362012    Open 4:30pm-11:00pm - Tuesday to Sunday
30 Mansfield Road, Micklehurst, 0L5 9EH

At Antonio's, passion for fresh cooked Mediterranean food is at the heart of our ethos. This means a wonderful fusion of authentic, market fresh and local (wherever possible) ingredients brought together by our talented life-long chefs. We would never serve anything we wouldn't eat ourselves and our standards are extremely high!

We also understand that everybody has their own personal tastes. Because our food is cooked fresh to order if you would prefer a dish with or without something, please let us know and we'll be happy to cater for you.

Buon Appetito


Bruschetta                                                     3.85

Fresh tomato, onion, garlic, basil and seasoning

served with home baked bread and fresh salad

Pate di Pollo   - chicken liver pate                     3.95

Our own homemade chicken liver pate served

with sweet onion relish and fresh baked breads

Funghi all' Aglio   -garlic mushrooms              3.95

Mushrooms cooked in olive oil, garlic, tomato, onion,

cream and white wine, touched with parsley

Funghi Ripieni di Formaggio                 4.50

  -stuffed  mushrooms

Portobello Mushroom stuffed with goats cheese,

garlic and thyme, baked in tomato

Ali di Pollo   - chicken wings                             3.95

Chicken wings baked in a rich, spicy sauce

Calamari Fritti                                                 4.25

Deep fried battered calamari rings served with

salad and marie rose sauce

Crostata di Pesce   - fish cakes                         4.25

fish cakes served with salad and marie rose sauce

Gamberi al Vino   - king prawns                         5.75

king prawns cooked in white wine,

garlic, chilli, onion and parsley

Soup of the day                                               3.95

ask for details

Funghi dolcelatte                                          4.50

Portobello mushroom baked with cream,

blue cheese and mozzarella

Polpette di Carne   - meatballs                     4.25

Homemade butchers beef mince meatballs,

rolled fresh to order, cooked in tomato, peppers, 

chilli and onion with a touch of beef stock

Costole Barbecue   - spare ribs                     4.50

Ribs baked slowly in our special homemade

mediterranean style barbecue sauce

Goujons Pollo   - chicken goujons           (5)     4.95

Crispy breaded chicken fillet strips, served

with our own spicy Mediterranean dip

Cozze con Pomodoro                                5.50

Mussels cooked in tomato, white wine,

garlic & parsley

Panetti con Pomodoro                              3.95

  - tomato dough balls

Freshly rolled dough balls topped with

tomato and basil and served with garlic dip

Panetti di Formaggio                                3.95

  - cheese dough balls

Freshly rolled dough balls stuffed with cheese,

served with garlic dip

Mozzarella Fritti                                           3.95

Deep fried mozzarella fingers served with

garlic dip and salad


Garlic Flatbread                                               3.50

Rosemary                                                            4.25

Red onion and garlic flatbread

Tomato Garlic Bread                                      3.95

Mozzarella Cheese Garlic Bread               4.25

Tomato, Chilli  and onion garlic bread                   3.95


Chicken Caeser Salad                                   4.95

Grilled chicken breast tossed in a leafy

salad and our homemade caeser dressing

Insalata Verde   - mixed salad                              1.95

Leafy, mixed salad


Pollo Grigliato                                          6.50

  -Grilled chicken breast

Add a sauce for                                        1.95

    Crema  - cream, mushroom and white wine

     Dolcelatte  - blue cheese melted in cream

                                 with white wine and basil 

     Peppercorn  - peppercorn, cream, stock

                                    and brandy

     Cacciatore  - tomato, peppers, onion

                                  and rosemary

     Rosso  -  red wine, stock and seasoning

Peperoni Ripieni con Bolognese          6.25

  - Peppers stuffed with bolognese

roasted red peppers stuffed with rich tomato bolognese

Peperoni Ripieni con Risotto                6.25

  - Peppers stuffed with risotto

Roasted red peppers stuffed with Mediterranean

vegetable, white wine and garlic risotto

Melanzana con Verdure                        6.25

  - Aubergine with vegetables

Baked aubergine layered with mushroom, peppers

and tomato sauce, baked with a mozzarella topping


Lasagne Classico                                        5.95

Rich tomato bolognese sauce baked with

layers of pasta and creamy bechamel,

finished with mozzarella cheese

Spaghetti alla Bolognese                        5.95

Butchers beef mince cooked in tomato

sauce, tossed with spaghetti

Spaghetti allo Scoglio                              6.95

Fresh mussels, prawns and squid cooked in

tomato, touch of chilli, tossed with spaghetti

Spaghetti alla Carbonara                        5.95

Smoked bacon in a creamy sauce, garlic and

a touch of basil, tossed with spaghetti

Spaghetti con Polpette                            6.25

Fresh rolled meatballs, cooked in tomato, onion,

red peppers and chilli, tossed with spaghetti

Penne al Pollo                                              6.25

Grilled chicken breast pieces cooked with

a creamy tomato sauce, onion, mushroom,

chilli and garlic, tossed with penne pasta

Penne Vigneto                                          6.25

Roasted peppers, butternut squash, courgette,

Roasted garlic, roasted red onion in tomato,

tossed with penne

Penne al Tonno                                         6.25

Tuna pasta bake made with penne pasta,

tomato, cream and red onion

Penne al Funghi                                        6.25

Cream, mushroom, garlic and onion

tossed with penne pasta

Crêpe Crespelle                                        6.25

Spinach and ricotta wrapped in a pancake and

baked in tomato and cream, topped with mozzarella

Penne Arrabiata                                        5.95

Penne pasta tossed in a spicy chilli tomato sauce

Penne Amatriciana                                    5.95

Penne pasta in a tomato and bacon sauce


Risotto Giardino                                              6.25

Mediterranean vegetables, garlic and vegetable stock

tossed with rice, with a touch of basil and coriander

Risotto al Pollo                                                 6.50

Risotto in a cream, tomato and basil sauce

with grilled chicken breast pieces

Risotto Dolcetatte                                          7.25

Risotto in a cream sauce, tossed with blue cheese

and croutons, touched with parsley

Risotto alla Marinara                                      7.25

Fresh mussels, prawns and squid cooked

in tomato sauce and basil, tossed with rice

Paella d’Italia                                                  7.95

Traditional Spanish paella with our Italian twist,

mixed shellfish, stock, salami, smoked bacon and

smoked paprika with Arborio rice


Skinny fries                                                         1.90

Thick cut chips                                                  1.90

Roasted Veg                                                     2.25

(peppers, courgette, butternut squash,

cauliflower, broccoli)

Roasted new potatoes                                   2.25

(roasted with rosemary and seasoned)

Creamy Dauphinoise potatoes                  1.90

Onion rings                                                       1.90



Coke                                                                     75p

Diet Coke                                                           75p

Fanta                                                                    75p

Sprite                                                                    75p

Dr Pepper                                                            75p


12"             14"

Margherita  mozzarella and tomato                                                                                  4.50                6.45

Tropicale  mozzarella, tomato, ham and pineapple                                                           4.95                6.75

Calabria  mozzarella, tomato and pepperoni                                                                      4.95                6.75

Milano  mozzarella, tomato, salami and garlic                                                                     4.95                6.75

Americano  mozzarella, tomato, barbecue sauce, chicken and pepperoni                           4.95                6.75

Pollo  mozzarella, tomato, chicken and sweet corn                                                                4.95                6.75

Rustica  mozzarella, tomato, goats cheese, red onion and peppers                                      6.50                7.75

Sicilian  mozzarella, tomato, anchovies, olives and garlic                                                    6.25                7.75

Mare  tomato, mixed seafood and rocket leaves, no mozzarella                                            6.50                8.00

Diavola  mozzarella, tomato, pepperoni, ham and chilli                                                      4.95                6.75

Tonno  mozzarella, tomato, tuna, red onion and sweet corn                                                 4.95                6.75

Giardino  mozzarella, tomato, mushroom, onion, roasted peppers and olives                        4.50                6.45

Formaggio tripla  mozzarella, tomato, goats cheese and blue cheese                              5.95                7.75

Anziano                                                                                                                                     6.50                8.00

mozzarella, tomato, mushroom, onion, peppers, pepperoni, olives and anchovies  

Antonio's                                                                                                                                  6.50                8.00

mozzarella, tomato, pepperoni, chicken, peppers, red onion, garlic and barbecue sauce  

Create your own Pizza  Mozzarella and tomato with your choice of four ingredients       6.25                8.00

Add any extra vegetable ingredient for an extra 50p,

or any meat, fish or cheese ingredient for an extra 75p

Here at Antonio's Express Italian we sincerely want you to enjoy the food you order from us. If you have any allergies please inform us whilst placing your order so we can advise you properly. Antonio's is nut free zone, there are no nuts on our premises. Allergens used in our recipes include egg, gluten, milk, seafood, celery, sulphites and mustard.

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